AV Solutions
of Atlanta

Leading The Way In Home Theater

In and around Atlanta, homeowners seeking the best experience in home theater and home automation services know the go to place is AV Solutions. Smart home technology is all the rage today, and AV Solution of Atlanta located in Cumming, Georgia has served the greater Atlanta area since 2009. When you have a home theater, it is a scaled down electronic version of a movie theater without the hassle of buying tickets, finding seats, listening to inconsiderate movie patrons, and having your feet resting on a floor littered with popcorn and flooded with sticky soda.

Investing in an Home Theater is an investment in quality family time in the ambiance of a home theater. Our expert staff will match your components perfectly, even theater seating so that your home theater experience surpasses even the most luxurious art deco theaters of the mid-20th century. When you deal with AV Solutions we can consult on your Home Theater project, design it, install it, and make sure each component works with the others. When we are finished you will have a high-end professionally installed Home Theater where you and your family will enjoy watching movies together and including playing video games as a family.

Home Theater

Entertainment system that fits your family’s needs.


Automating your home to save energy now and in the future.


Music throughout your home with the touch of a button.


Video and audio solutions for your office or retail environment.

Home Automation

Creating a whole home or office systems

Home automation has come much further than using an app on a smartphone to turn lights on and off. Of course, you still can adjust your lighting with a smartphone app, but you can do so much more, including, Locking and unlocking doors, Adjusting heating and cooling, Turn on/off appliances and adjust Home surveillance. More features are being added all the time. Since the late 2000s, there have been enormous strides in home automation technology, and we have been busy making sure that our residential clients have the best there is to offer. Which of the following benefits of home automation are you interested in?

  • Added safety by controlling lighting and appliance
  • Added home security through door lock automation
  • Added home security through video surveillance
  • Reduce your monthly utility bills through home automation
  • Keeping you in control of your home even when you are out of town

If you are like most people today, your to-do list has taken on a life of its own and no matter what you do, it seems like it is always growing. Thanks to the high-tech environment of a home automation system you never have to run home to let your kids in after school, or interrupt your day to adjust something at your home. Home automation allows you to do these and other tasks just using your smartphone.